One Year ago…

One year ago we boarded a plane, destination…Ethiopia. Some days it seems like a life time ago, others I can remember every detail about that day! God has brought us a LONG way through some really rough trials, but we pray that these hard times have brought us closer to Him and made us more … [Read More]

A few things….

Hello all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on…sorry…but we were having some problems with getting things to work over here and I needed a while to figure things out!  Thanks for being patient, and from now on I’ll work harder at updating more often! First off, I want to say a … [Read More]

A way YOU can help!!

Hey!  I have many posts I would like to get on here, like Casey’s birthday, and Danny’s class field trip (which was really cool btw!!). But first, I want to share with you all, a way YOU can help with a ministry here in Ethiopia! Each class at Bingham (the international school Danny goes to) … [Read More]

Easter 2012

Happy Easter! “Our God is not dead, He’s alive, HE’S ALIVE!” We had a wonderful Easter yesterday!  It actually felt like a normal Easter! (besides missing family!) The night before we’d dyed some eggs, and the boys were SO excited to eat them for breakfast. (though they all took one bite and decided they were … [Read More]

Around Addis

WOW, I know you are all amazed that you are getting another blog post from me so soon, but I just happened to be able to get out today and get the rest of my photos I wanted for your tour, so I thought I’d do part 2 tonight! I mentioned yesterday that we buy … [Read More]


So…I realized I’ve been a little remiss in giving information and posting pictures of our life here in Addis outside our little compound, so I’m going to give it a go! And you can all be thankful this is a little peek in to Addis, and not a little smell into Addis….seriously!! Addis like any … [Read More]

Papa and Grandma come for a visit

Well this past month we were spoiled with a visit from Grandma and Papa Giles. (Marshal’s parents Jerry and Jeannie Giles) I didn’t think 5 weeks could go by that fast, it seems like just yesterday we were anxiously waiting till it was time to go to the airport to pick them up! But we … [Read More]

Finally Christmas!

Well, I thought about waiting till July before posting my Christmas post, but then figured the beginning of Feb. wasn’t THAT late to post a christmas note….right? 🙂 As most of you all know already from our Christmas letter/picture, we took a two day trip south to Omo to be with family for Christmas! We … [Read More]


Hello! Once again our internet has been too slow to blog, but i’m going to make a go of it tonight…we’ll see! I wanted to share a little of our trip to Kenya two weeks ago. We went for a church planting forum/homeschool forum that CMF put together for us.  It was a great time … [Read More]

Halloween Ethiopian style

Well yesterday was Halloween, and we had a grand time celebrating Ethiopian style!! Thanks to our small group back in Newton, KS we were able to have some halloween decor for the day! And the boys enjoyed making some halloween signs they hung up on the wall as well as some yummy halloween candy!!  🙂 … [Read More]