Around Addis

WOW, I know you are all amazed that you are getting another blog post from me so soon, but I just happened to be able to get out today and get the rest of my photos I wanted for your tour, so I thought I’d do part 2 tonight!

I mentioned yesterday that we buy our fresh produce at the supermarkets…

IMG_4411.JPGIMG_4413.JPGThese are just two of the supermarkets we go to regularly.

Fantu is nice cause every week or so they get a shipment in of American food.  It’s SUPER pricy, so most of the time I’m not allowed to buy any :), but every now and then I’ll slip in a kit kat or something, and it is a nice treat! 🙂

This is IEC (International Evangelical Church), the church we attend on Sunday mornings.

IMG_4165.JPGMr Basket is next, and this is where we buy our….baskets!  Amazing huh!?

IMG_4412.JPGI absolutely LOVE this shop, I’ve been known to buy way too much here!! 🙂

But the owner is such a nice old man, and the fun thing is, he remembers Marshal’s grandparents who lived here 12 years ago.

Next is the little souk that Marshal has made MANY trips to to get parts and such for the car.

IMG_4137.JPGIt’s the yellow one, so bright and cheery! 🙂

The owner is actually a lady, and she is so gracious and sweet.  Marshal needed a part, and after stopping by twice and her still not having it, she brought it to our house later that day.  Our house is on the opposite side of the city, and I know it took her a while to get there by taxi.  Talk about service!  She also insisted that Marshal introduce her to me and the boys! 🙂

Lastly, is a picture of “The sombosa man” as we’ve dumbed him! 🙂

P1040490.JPGEvery Sunday evening for game night we go out and buy some Sambosa’s.  The boys love them, and it’s kinda like our version of fast food! 🙂

There are other places we go, but these are the ones I have pictures of, and thought maybe you’d like to see and get an idea what and where we go in some of our daly living!

I have one more post I want to write with just some random pictures from all over Addis, but they’ll have to wait for another day as I want to get this published before something happens, and I can’t!! 🙂