The house

As most of you all know, for the last two and a half months Marshal’s been working endlessly on building a second house on our compound. This house also happens to be the one that we will move into and make our home while we are here! well a week ago, we were excited to … [Read More]


Sunday afternoon we got news that one of our house workers had had her baby. It was a little girl that she named Almetom.  We were all very excited for her and made plans to go visit momma and baby the next day. Monday came and I was excited for a day of firsts. *First … [Read More]

Sunday Stroll

So the rains have started, but this last weekend we had beautiful, sunny afternoons.  So we took advantage and went for a Sunday stroll. The boys LOVE taking walks outside the compound!  There is so much to see and such freedom in where they can go, it’s little boy heaven!! 🙂 Took some posed pictures, … [Read More]