Around Addis

WOW, I know you are all amazed that you are getting another blog post from me so soon, but I just happened to be able to get out today and get the rest of my photos I wanted for your tour, so I thought I’d do part 2 tonight! I mentioned yesterday that we buy … [Read More]


So…I realized I’ve been a little remiss in giving information and posting pictures of our life here in Addis outside our little compound, so I’m going to give it a go! And you can all be thankful this is a little peek in to Addis, and not a little smell into Addis….seriously!! Addis like any … [Read More]

Papa and Grandma come for a visit

Well this past month we were spoiled with a visit from Grandma and Papa Giles. (Marshal’s parents Jerry and Jeannie Giles) I didn’t think 5 weeks could go by that fast, it seems like just yesterday we were anxiously waiting till it was time to go to the airport to pick them up! But we … [Read More]