Once again our internet has been too slow to blog, but i’m going to make a go of it tonight…we’ll see!

I wanted to share a little of our trip to Kenya two weeks ago.

We went for a church planting forum/homeschool forum that CMF put together for us.  It was a great time of meeting other CMF missionaries and hearing about the work God is doing all over the world!

(This was not just an Africa CMF meeting, missionaries came from all over the world)

Each morning we would gather together, sing and have a devotional time then split up to either the church planting meetings or homeschool meetings.

IMG_1848.JPGThey also did a VBS for the kids during the meetings and our two older boys LOVED it!

IMG_1844.JPGHere are the kids getting ready to sing some of the songs they learned.  Danny is hiding in the back with grey shorts and white t-shirt.  And yes that is Ryan standing in the front with his hands in his pants…nice!!!  🙂

Like I said it was a wonderful time with other missionaries doing similar ministries, but also we loved that the boys got to spend time with other kids doing a VBS!  They don’t have a sunday school here, so this was perfect, and the adults who put it all together were AMAZING!!!

I haven’t mentioned yet that this forum was at Turtle Bay near Mombassa…GORGEOUS!!!  So of course we took a few extra days aside from the meetings to enjoy and relax….

IMG_1716.JPGThe third night we were there was Marshal’s b-day and of course they went all out and made a cake and included a song and dance…

IMG_1709.JPGwhich of course horrified Marshal, but he was a good sport and even enjoyed it a little!! 🙂  Don’t you love the chair they made special for him!?  🙂

And of course there was just a little swimming going on…

_MG_1799.JPG_MG_1833.JPG_MG_1834.JPG_MG_1821.JPGa little bit of pouting…

_MG_1827.JPGbut still so stinkin’ cute!!

Marshal got to play some water polo…


IMG_1756.JPGLike father like son!!

Casey got his groove on with some water aerobics!  The picture doesn’t capture just how cute he was!

IMG_1902.JPGThis is his cutie patootie dance partner Shea Moore! 🙂

I even had a couple afternoons to just relax and read a book!

IMG_1751.JPGIMG_1749.JPGThe view from my resting place…BEAUTIFUL!!

All in all, it was a beautiful place,

IMG_1885.JPGspent with wonderful people, relaxing and regrouping!

And we were all sad to have to leave and head home!

IMG_1900.JPGWe had an insane ride from Turtle Bay back into Mombassa, so bad Marshal was about to ask the guy to pull over and tell the guy that we’d find another ride…and we had four trunks and three kids!

Thankfully though we survived, the boys didn’t have a clue…

IMG_1920.JPGIMG_1929.JPGand even dozed off!   🙂

We also had the privilege of landing in Tanzania at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  This was a first for both Marshal and me and it was amazing to see!


IMG_1951.JPG(you can barely see the tip of Mt. Kili. through the clouds)

We are now safely home no thanks to a horrible landing in Addis, so bad the old lady in front of me may have said a naughty word!! 🙂

Thanksgiving is over, and I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends and were reminded of how very blessed you are!

We are geared up for Christmas here and are looking forward to leaving in two weeks to spend the Christmas holiday with family on the Ethiopia/Kenya border.

I probably won’t be able blog before we leave, so I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!