Meet Our Team

I LOVE the song *Hold us Together* by Matt Maher (click the link below to hear)


Every time I hear it it makes me think of the team we will be joining in Ethiopia.  My favorite part is the in the chorus…

*And love will hold us together

Make us a shelter to weather the storm

And I’ll be my brother’s keeper

So the whole world will know that we’re not alone!*

I don’t know if it’s the thought of doing this by myself that TERRIFIES me, but I LOVE the idea that we are joining a team!  A team that loves the Lord and loves each other as a brother.   They have weathered MANY storms together and the efforts of their ministry in Ethiopia is very evident in the lives they’ve reached.

The Fehl family! Adrian*Jennifer*Addison*Mallory*Darby*Ethan

Adrian and Jennifer currently serve in Addis Abeba.  After 10 years of located ministry in the remote village of Yasow among the Gumuz people, the Fehls relocated to Addis in 2009.  Adrian now serves as the Team Leader of the CMF-Ethiopia Church-planting Team.  During their next term, Adrian will travel from Addis to various remote locations to teach, preach, and encourage both the national Christians and the members of the CMF church-planting team.

The Limiero Family! Steve*Doretha*Caeden*Reeghan*Andwynne

Steve and Doretha have been working in Ethiopia among the Oromo people since 2005. Their first term was spent working in a town called Kiramu. They equipped churches in evangelism strategies; trained believers called to ministry; and helped the Oromo churches learn to send and support these new missionaries.  Their second term will have them moving to a city called Nekemte where they will be ministering to a booming population of college students.

The Moore Family! Jake*Erin*Aidan*Gwyneth*Shea

Jake and Erin joined CMF’s Ethiopia church-planting team in 2006 to work with the Gumuz.  They spent their first term learning language and culture, as well as developing a discipleship program for church leaders in the village of Yasow.  The Moore’s helped prepare the church there to continue ministry without a full-time missionary presence.  For their second term, they will move to a more remote Gumuz village to do church-planting where the Gospel has never been preached and there is no access to health care.  Jake and Erin’s main focus will be in training new Gumuz evangelists to reah out to these villages by sharing the Gospel in stories, as well as helping to establish a new small health post.

The Fowler Family! Craig*Allison*Zane*Ezra*Anna

Craig and Allison joined CMF’s church-planting team in Ethiopia in 2005 to work with the Gumuz.  They spent their first term learning the language and culture, as well as establishing a new mission station and small medical clinic in an isolated area where the Gospel had never been preached.  Previously, the people had no access to health care.  During their next term, Craig and Allison’s main focus will be to do evangelism and church-planting through a Chronological Bible Storying program.  Craig will work closely with Gumuz evangelists and prepare them as they go out and tell the Bible stories in their own language.  Allison will work part-time in the clinic alongside a Gumuz nurse.

These are some AMAZING families and I am proud to be working along side them! (soon!)