Easter 2012

Happy Easter!

“Our God is not dead, He’s alive, HE’S ALIVE!”

We had a wonderful Easter yesterday!  It actually felt like a normal Easter!

(besides missing family!)

The night before we’d dyed some eggs, and the boys were SO excited to eat them for breakfast. (though they all took one bite and decided they were disgusting! 🙂 )


We also had Risen rolls, and thanks to a wonderful family who sent us an easter package, we even had marshmallows for the center.  The boys thought the empty rolls were great, and we read the easter story.

It was really fun last week (Palm Sunday), on our way into church I noticed they had these HUGE palm tree branches bordering the door, and I’d wished I’d had my camera so I could share it with you.  Well this week I remembered, just in case they had left them there for Easter.  Sure enough I was not disappointed! 🙂


I thought it looked beautiful, and it was a great visual for me of the palm branches that were laid on the ground for Jesus!

We enjoyed a wonderful church service and lunch afterward.

Then headed home for a little rest till our friends arrived and the candy hunt began! 🙂

IMG_4584.JPGOur friends Jonathan and Jessica Bridges have a little boy (Dawit), and after waiting for “forever!” they all had an Easter egg hunt.  Here they are with their bags in all forms of excitement! 🙂

IMG_4586.JPGIMG_4587.JPGIMG_4601.JPGIMG_4604.JPGIMG_4591.JPGThe boys had a fabulous time, and got a HUGE sugar fix!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well, I can’t wait to see pictures of you all in your Easter best!!


Happy Easter!

4 Responses to “Easter 2012”

  1. Velita Larson

    You are such a beautiful family! Rachel – thank you for the wonderful blog and for
    just being you. I miss you. Love, Velita

  2. Jennifer Fehl

    Love seeing these pics! You’ll have to “show” me how you do this sometime!! I can’t imagine how long it takes to download all these photos. Glad you all had a great Easter weekend.

  3. Jeannie Giles

    Nice family picture! Fun to see the hunt pictures and glad you enjoyed Easter day!

  4. Sarah Ekeland

    Love! Judah loved “watching” Daniel hunt eggs. 🙂 Judah and Lexi had that same disappointed anticipation for their eggs. 😀 LOVE YOU!!!


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