Halloween Ethiopian style

Well yesterday was Halloween, and we had a grand time celebrating Ethiopian style!!

Thanks to our small group back in Newton, KS we were able to have some halloween decor for the day!


And the boys enjoyed making some halloween signs they hung up on the wall as well as some yummy halloween candy!!  🙂


Halloween is also my birthday, and thanks to some amazing family and friends I looked great!  🙂

IMG_1037.JPGI felt so blessed from all the people who thought of me that day and sent little messages or packages to help me celebrate turning 30!! 🙂  Thank you!!

Halloween evening we got together with two other families on our team and had a little party complete with a candy hunt! (for the kids!)

IMG_1042.JPGAll the kids in their costumes minus Ryan who wouldn’t come out from behind me.IMG_1039.JPGNot a happy batman!IMG_1043.JPGEnjoying some party food!!  (Even Ryan got in this one!!)IMG_1047.JPGgettin’ down to Monster Mash!

I didn’t have my camera for the hunt as I had to carry Casey and Ryan wouldn’t let go of my other hand, but they had a great time and we finished the evening off  by watching Charlie Brown and the pumpkin patch.

I hope you all had a fabulous halloween and I look forward to seeing pictures of all your little kiddos in their costumes, so post away!!   🙂