Papa and Grandma come for a visit

Well this past month we were spoiled with a visit from Grandma and Papa Giles.

(Marshal’s parents Jerry and Jeannie Giles)

I didn’t think 5 weeks could go by that fast, it seems like just yesterday we were anxiously waiting till it was time to go to the airport to pick them up!

But we had a wonderful time while they were here and did some fun things!

IMG_3208.JPGFirst we celebrated Jeannie’s birthday.  At Danny’s request we had a princess party for her.  She had three of the handsomest dressed men ever to “cheer” in her birthday.

And even got the best smile ever from one who is not to quick to share his smile for the camera.

IMG_3234.JPGThere were lots of fun times with Papa…

IMG_3369.JPGIMG_3555.JPGIMG_3572.JPGP1040457.JPGIMG_4005.JPGAnd lots of sweet moments with Grandma…


LOVE this!!!

P1040382.JPGJeannie even got to visit her old school and found the same see-saws that were there when she was in Kindergarten!

And what is a trip to Ethiopia without a little shopping!!  Actually it was a LOT of shopping!! 🙂

IMG_3937.JPG_MG_3943.JPGGrandma and Papa, you are missed already, but we are so thankful for the fun time we had with you!  Thank you!

Visit rating…

two thumbs up!