The Giles


It started so long ago with a man named Ray and his wife Effie.  They felt God’s calling on their life to go to Ethiopia and take the story of our Lord to the people there.


They had a boy named Jerry who fell in love with a girl named Jeannie.  Together they  helped fly the Gospel to people all over Africa.


They had a boy named Marshal who married a girl named Rachel and this is their story…


Marshal is a smart, focused, hands-on kinda guy.  He spent 11 years in Africa as a kid and would call it home.  He enjoys reading, mind challenging puzzles, and dirt biking in his free time.

Rachel is the daughter of Charles and Colleen Peters.  She is a fun, caring, thoughtful person.  She enjoys horseback riding when given the chance, but usually fills her *free time* with reading, playing the piano, and shopping.


Daniel is a sweet, tenderhearted four year old.  He loves to color, play games, and wrestle with Daddy in his free time.  He is attending Berean Academy’s Pre-K program, and is very excited about kindergarten next year!  He makes his parents so proud!!


Ryan is a crazy, adventurous two year old.  He enjoys reading, playing with cars, and getting into trouble in his free time.  He keeps the family smiling throughout the day!


Casey is a chubby nine month old.  He is a sweet tempered, very happy baby.  In his free time he enjoys drooling, crawling, and watching his big brothers play (in that order)!  He is a treasure to his parents!

This is our family…and we are embarking on a journey to Ethiopia…

We are excited to be joining Christian Missionary Fellowship’s (CMF) church planting team in Ethiopia.

The church planting team works with the unreached Gumuz people living in the upper Nile region in Northwestern Ethiopia.

They currently have one remote mission station established and minister to the local people through medical needs and evangelism.  Their purpose is to ultimately train Gumuz teachers who can spread Christ’s message to nearby villages.  The team hopes to open a new mission station in this next year.

Marshal will act as the maintenance/compound manager for the team.  He will be taking charge of any building and new site development for the new mission station and will also maintain the team’s vehicles and other property.

We love that in doing our part we will be freeing up our team members to do what God has brought them there to do.

We hope you enjoy following along with our journey, we know there will be good times and not so good times, but we are SO thankful for all the support of prayers and love we have back in the states.

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  1. hannah utecht

    You were my missionary for Sparks. I chose you because you were the only missionary that I knew. I prayed for you tonight (11/8/11).

    -Hannah Utecht (scribe was Adam)


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