The last two weeks in Pics….

These last few weeks have been a little crazy, but fun!

We were SUPER excited to meet our new “nephew” (this is Caleb and Joanna’s newest member of the family).  Dexter was the sweetest baby, and I was glad to get my baby fix!! 🙂   Casey absolutely LOVED him.  It was precious!!!

Ryan decided he wanted to ride the motorcycle by himself this week.  Marshal put the training wheels on for him, explained things, and he was off, never looking back!! 🙂  I thought he’d be our cautious boy, but he is showing a more daring side than Danny does even now, so this could be interesting!! 🙂  Casey also got in on the rides!

Our little thief decided to visit us again, only this time he raided the popcorn!! 🙂

Ryan’s KG1 class invited all the parents to a little program on Monday.  It was SO fun to see him in the classroom with his friends and seeing all he’s done.  We are SO proud of him!!

Then of course the house!  We’ve been working hard on getting all the last little details figured out.  Marshal finished the wiring this week.  We got the kitchen cabinets ordered (which I am SUPER excited about!!).  Ceilings are all finished and look AMAZING, and just yesterday they finished putting the smooth layer of cement on the floor. (which Ryan promptly walked all over and the guy had to re-smooth it all out again….oops!!  This is one of those times where we are thankful to live in Ethiopia.  They LOVE kids so much that no one was mad, they just laughed and fixed it!!)

Yes, there is a picture of me working on the house! AMAZING I know, but I do actually help out every now and then!! 🙂

Marshal and I are both thrilled with how it is all turning out.  We still have some work to do, but we are SO close!! 🙂

lastly you can see a sneak peek at the curtains i’m making for our bedroom.  I’m pretty excited at how they are turning out.  Danny walked into the bedroom after I’d put it up to see, and he said, “WOW mom that’s beautiful, I love it!”  I LOVE that boy!! 🙂