Hey all!

So this past week we had our team meetings

Though most of the meetings is hashing out different things till you are numb in the bum and feel like this…

It was SO nice to see all the families and hear all the ministry updates and all the new and exciting things planned for the next 6 mo. Look out western Ethiopia!!

Like I mentioned in the last two posts, while were in meetings we have had a wonderful group of ladies from the states come and host a VBS for the kids.

Casey had just woken up so was not super happy, but really he did enjoy the three days!

On our team we have three boys who are 8, six kids from ages 4-6, and three 2yr olds. (There are also four older kids that are not pictured here).

These ladies were AMAZING!!!  The kids had such a great time and were blessed in the three days we had our meetings.

I had to be a little sneaky about taking my pictures cause Casey was still a little nervous about going with these ladies, so this shot is a little blurry cause I took it through the window when Casey wasn’t looking! 🙂

At the end of the three days, the kids did a little program for us, sharing some of their memory verses, and songs.

Our team leader and his wife getting down to Father Abraham!

Watching Danny (and Ryan for a little while) sing and dance almost brought tears to my eyes.  After a hard year of transitioning and adjusting to life here, it did this mom’s heart good to see them SO happy!

Thank you ladies!!

In the late afternoons and evenings after meetings had ended, we enjoyed time together for fun!

And today the kids took advantage of the sun and had a picnic on the trampoline.

 Thank you all who prayed for us and our meetings this week, it was blessed time for all!

Pray now for the families as they pack and head back down country to their stations and back to their ministries.

Marshal’s got a busy 6mo ahead of him.  I hope to write out a calendar of sorts for you to see what is planned soon, it’s all very exciting!