This week

It’s amazing how fast a week goes by when you are driving to and from school two/three times a day!!

But in between all the driving we did manage to get a few things done! 🙂

Marshal finished the stairs in our house, and can I just brag on my hubby a moment, and say they look FABULOUS!!!

It’s a little hard to see just how fabulous they are cause they are covered to protect them, but use your imagination!!

Marshal and they guys are still working hard on getting the ceiling and wiring up.  I felt a little bad this week after realizing that because I wanted a vaulted ceiling, they were going to have a dangerous time getting the ceiling up!  oops!

But all their hard work will not be for naught!  It will look amazing when they are finished!!

I’ve been busy this last week working on a project of my own!!

Having time for a project doesn’t happen often in my house with three VERY busy boys keeping me on my toes, but I was thankful for time this week while the older boys were in school to get my quilt finished.

This is going on our guest bed, so come visit and you can sleep under this bright and cheery rainbow quilt!!  🙂

And when no one was looking this week a little thief snuck in through our window and ate all my gum!!

This is the ladder from the bunkbeds that he carried out all by himself to sneak in.  Why he didn’t just use the door, I don’t know, but this sure looked adorable!! 🙂

Like I said in my last post, this coming week is our team meetings, so all five families of our CMF church planting team are in from down country.

Today, Marshal’s  enjoying a gorgeous sunny day (which have been rare this week!)  getting dirty, fixing all the things needing fixed on their cars.

I say enjoying not in sarcasm,  cause he really does enjoy this kind of work!

Again like I asked in my last post, please be in prayer for our team as we meet and make decisions for the upcoming months.

The team of ladies that is going to do the VBS for the kids arrive Monday, so pray they have a safe trip, all their luggage arrives with them, and pray blessings on them for the blessing they will be to all the kids!