Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go….

So I’ve realized that I’m really quick to post family happenings, but a little slower to post about work happenings.

Our house is coming along really nice, we are excited to be under roof while the heavy rains are here.  The windows are in…finally!

Seriously these people came out one day to SEE where we wanted to windows, left…came back to measure the spaces, left…came back to measure again, left… came back with the window frames, left… came back to put IN the frames, left…came back and dropped of the glass, left… came back and put in the glass, left…came back one more time to take the tape off the frames!!!!!  Definitely NOT the American way!! 🙂

Marshal has been working endlessly on getting our stairs up.  We were SO thankful for help from his cousin (who lives here in Ethiopia) who just happens to be a welder!! 🙂

They worked hard for two days to get the frame for the stairs up!

And of course it was perfect when it was done!! 🙂

While all this work was going on, the kiddos were having a ball playing together…

After they left, Marshal finished the railings for the loft and the balcony…

We are excited for how it is all turning out!

This past month, Marshal’s been busy with not only our house, but a few other projects as well.

In the end of July Marshal was relieved to take a little break from our house to help our teammates (The Moores) build a little guesthouse/storage shed.

The Moores live about two days northwest of Addis.  So to help make things a little easier for them out there, Marshal and Adrian (the other guy in the pic.) constructed the house here in Addis.  They measured and cut all the metal beams, built windows, screwed everything together to make sure it fit, then….took it all apart, loaded it all up and hauled it down to the Moore’s house.

As the guys were leaving the gate, they realized the trailer they had EVERYTHING so nice and neatly tied down to wasn’t riding correctly.  The tires were rubbing on the bottom of the trailer as they drove.  Sooo… they took everything off the trailer and Marshal came up with the brilliant idea of flipping the axle over.  The axle was riding on the top of the springs, and he switched it so it was riding on the bottom of the springs, thus gaining 10in. of ground clearance so the tires wouldn’t rub.

(Did I just sound smart or what!)

We were thankful to have that much muscle around cause it was HEAVY!!!

Today Marshal is back to working on our house.  The carpenters came to put up the frame for our ceiling, and Marshal’s cutting and putting the treads on the stairs.

Again, Def. NOT how it’s done in the states, but whatever gets the job done, and Marshal assured me it was “very strong wood!”  We can only hope!! 🙂

Here’s a peek at the beautiful staircase and my handsome hubby!! 🙂

This next week is team meetings, so we are looking forward to a little break from the everyday, even if it is for meetings!

We have a team of ladies coming to host a VBS for all the kids on our team (15 in all).  I am super excited for the kids, sunday school is something I miss for them since we’ve been here, so this will be a HUGE blessing for them!