First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for both Danny and Ryan.

Marshal and I had mixed feelings about it, up till now Ryan has said that he didn’t want to go to school!  But last Friday we went and visited the classrooms.  Ryan’s teacher is a friend we met in language school, and was so sweet to welcome us in and spend a little time getting Ryan used to the area.  Since then he’s been looking forward to going, but we still thought that when the actual day comes and he realized mom and dad weren’t going to stay that he might have some problems!

But this morning came, and they were SUPER excited, like I don’t want to eat my pancakes excited! 🙂

And when we got there, Ryan did AMAZING!  We were SO proud of him.  I think I had more problems with him staying and me going!! 🙂

Danny didn’t have ANY reservations at all, and even got a little frustrated with me cause it was taking so long to get to his classroom! 🙂  He was greeted with a hug from a good friend from last year, and lots of smiles and “Hey!  it’s Danny!!”  It was so fun to see!

Here are the boys anxious to leave…

Can’t believe how big they look!!!

A BIG thanks to an amazing friend who sent them all some new school clothes!

Also to Grandma and Papa for their new “speedy shoes!”

My handsome boys!! (Ryan’s getting ready to make a silly face! 🙂 )

Ryan’s taking a peek into his playground and classroom.

A Big thanks to GG for the special turtle, he’s been looking forward to being able to have it on his back pack for a long time!! 🙂

Also Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the special treats that went in for snack and lunches.

Ryan’s Pre-K classroom!

He got a little mad at me for taking pics, so this is the only one I took! 🙂

Danny’s 1st grade classroom!

Danny’s the blonde boy up at the front on the right.

He had no problems with me taking pics and let me snap this on of him at his table!

This was such a special day for them, and a big thanks goes out to so many for all the little things that helped make it a good start for the year!

And this is how Casey felt about being “left out!”

But we’ll have fun Casey, no worries!! 🙂