Marshal was at the airport yesterday when a guard approached him….

Guard: “Are you British?”

Marshal: “No I’m American”

Guard: “OH!!! American!!!  Where are you from in America?”

Marshal: “Kansas”

Guard: “OH!!  Bill Clinton’s home state!”

Marshal: “Uh…. no, that’s Arkansas”

Guard: “Oh…well you look like Bill Clinton….”


6 Responses to “WHAT??????”

  1. Matt Henry

    If I had a dollar for every time I was asked if I knew Bill Cinton…

    By the way Marshal, you guys do look a lot alike…except he has prettier hair.

  2. Velita Larson

    WHAT!! is right! I can’t even come up with a comment, except “get that guard some glasses”! We are having some great cool weather and I’m missing you.
    Love and blessings,


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