First day of school!!

So today was the first day of Amharic language school for Marshal and me.


Our morning was spent in an orientation with all 14 people just starting the school.


They mapped out their goals for us and how the program worked.  They believe that just as babies learn from listening to words over and over, we should learn from hearing the Amharic words over and over without speaking them back.

It was super hard to just sit there in our classes and not try to repeat the words back!!  I will say our nurturer (as they call their teachers) was really good about letting us try the words out, and corrected us if we misspoke.

After the orientation, they broke us up into three classes.  Two with five people in each, and one with four people.  We were also able to connect with the Stoller family I mentioned in an earlier post.  They don’t allow husbands and wives to be in the same class, but Allen (the husband) and I are in the same class and had a good morning learning and laughing together!


Funny story…

There are many people from different countries at this language school.  (in actuality, Marshal and I are the minority in being from the US.)  One of the couples we met is from Finland.  The wife walked up to me and held out her hand in greeting and said Sorry!  I had no idea what she was apologizing for, but I replied that it was ok.  Then she shook her head and said “no, no, my name is Sorry!”  OOPPS!! 🙂

All in all it was a good morning, despite my apprehension in leaving the boys.

Thank you to all who have prayed for us in finding a nanny as well as giving us peace in leaving the kiddos.

Stay tuned for Danny’s first day of school in a week!!  I can’t believe it’s here already!!