SO Handsome!!!

When we first arrived, all of our trunks made it except one.

After we got home and started unpacking, we realized the one missing was the one with the boys clothes in it!  Now we did have a few days worth of clothes that we’d had in a carry on *in case of emergencies* but SERIOUSLY little boys get dirty SO fast! Especially here in Ethiopia.

So we had some amazing family and friends send us a few packages of clothes for the boys.  (I think they heard that the boys had to wear their swimsuits one day so we could wash their clothes! 🙂 ) (why were their swimsuits in their *in case of emergencies* bag?  I have no idea!)


The boys were THRILLED to get the clothes this past week, you’d have thought they were girls, they were so excited for all the clothes! 🙂

One of the items on the list of things they needed were church clothes, so their Great Grandma Giles (GG) and Great Aunt Deni sent them some sweet matching outfits.  And they just looked SO handsome I had to take some pictures! 🙂

Here they are in their sunday best!

(just so you know, these were taken in less than a minute, it’s quite funny! 🙂 )





The boys’ trunk WAS found and there is no more wearing their batman and spiderman costumes so we can wash clothes (not that they ever had to do that…), so no worries! 🙂

Thank you to all the family and friends, the boys look SO handsome in their new clothes!