SO here is the post you have all been waiting for….one with PICTURES!!! 🙂

As I mentioned in a previous post, the house we are living in for the next 6 months is the house Marshal lived in while here with his family from ’93 – ’96.


It has been pretty fun for him to remember some of the memories from that time.


This is the walkway up to the front of the house.  We don’t use this entrance a whole lot because we found there is a family of Army ants that like to live in the trees there and they have little pinchers that REALLY hurt!!  So we stay clear of this space, which is kind of a bummer since it’s so pretty!  We’re hoping that when the rainy season passes so will the ants.  we’ll see!

I’m not for sure who took this picture, I think it was Danny or Ryan.  but either way I really like it.  This is the view from our house to the gate of our compound.


If you are feeling a little brave and want to venture outside the compound, this is what you would see…


a glance to the right….


and a glance to the left….


Funny thing is I look at these pictures and think it looks awfully bare.  It is usually insanely crazy and congested.  These little shops are called souks and are where we get our bananas, milk, bread and other fruits and veggies. (don’t ask what the *water* is in the ditch!  We’ll just say they don’t have public restrooms on this street!  imagine the smell….yeah!)

I had these brought to me one day!

IMG_0172.JPGDefinitely made me 🙂

We had our first guests on thursday.  Allen and Susan Stoller.

IMG_0260.JPGThis is a sweet couple that went to training with us in CO.  It was so good to meet up with them here and have an evening to chat and catch up.  And they brought lolly pops for the kids!   🙂

The boys have been adjusting well, the days they ask to “go home” are fewer and fewer.  They love the freedom of playing on the compound and the guards here love kids and are so helpful with the boys!  The other day I saw one of the guards helping Ryan push his bike through the grass over to the concrete area so he could ride.  It was really sweet! 🙂


Right after an ant attack.  They get under your clothes so bad you have to just strip naked to get them off.  We actually buzzed Ryan’s hair shortly after this because he had so many ants caught in his hair we couldn’t get them out very well.  They’re sneaky little things, they can be half way up you before you know they are even there and then the only reason you do is cause they got you in their little pinchers!!

IMG_0149.JPGThis looks like a very serious poker game, but honestly it was an innocent game of go fish with Grandma Donna! 🙂

IMG_0201.JPGIpod time 🙂

IMG_0271.JPG*Helping* mommy with the laundry!

So during our training in CO they taught us at the end of the day to think of something bad (yuck duck) and something good (yea duck).  This is supposed to help you recognize the good things in a time of transition and change as well as  realize that it’s ok to have the bad things too!  So here are mine for the day.

Yuck duck…

IMG_0194.JPGI have to look at BLUE couches!! ( I know mom…horrors!! 🙂 )

Yea duck….

IMG_0290.JPGI get to look at these PINK boots!!  🙂

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  1. So, you found your camera?? I never did hear! Lyndsey Frasier lost her bag with passport and camera in China so she had to stay behind while the team came back! I remember that house from pictures from Jerry and Jeannie. And soooo good to see a picture of Donna! Will they stay with you when they come to Addis to do shopping?

  2. Jennifer Bertleson

    Great to see the pictures and hear how things are going for you!! We stayed at this house when we went to Addis our first visit when the Fowlers where living there. The flowers and gardens are really pretty! It looks like all of you are adjusting well!! We are very excited about coming soon! We have signed up for Colorado for the November session and are planning to be ready in December. Exactly when we are on the plane we aren’t sure yet-Im sure you know how that goes! God has blessed us so much in this process with wonderful people who have joined the team! Our prayers continue to be with all of you!! Gods blessings! Jennifer and Ted

  3. LOVE the pink boots!!! it’s nice to have something fun that’s just for you to look at!!! sweet pictures of the boys! the yard and flowers are so beautiful!! everything is so green and lush! it is a barren wasteland over here with every day being 106.

  4. The rest of the room is really cute though!! It’s fun to finally get to see where you live! I can picture you better now.

  5. Velita Larson

    Thanks for the pics! I love the pink boots – they are so you! Daryl wants to know why Marshall had to leave the motorcycle, and what it will take to get it to him? Let me know.
    Love and Blessings,
    Velita and Daryl

  6. Ashley Hoover

    Hey guys!
    It’s great to see where you live and your smiling faces! I miss seeing you and the boys but it’s pretty cool you’re in Ethiopia now. Praying for you!


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