Last few days…

Well, we are into our last few days here, and have been enjoying our time with my family in McPherson, KS!

We headed to the park one day…



We did lots of crafts, my favorite being the caterpillars made from paper plates.

IMG_4450.JPGIMG_4461.JPGIMG_4462.JPGDo you think Casey liked it?  🙂

We went and saw Cars 2…

IMG_9290.JPGIMG_9296.JPGThis was their first time in a movie theater, and they had a great time!! 🙂

(Ryan really did like it, despite his glum face! 🙂 )

Mostly we just enjoyed hanging out and being together…

IMG_4757.JPGIMG_4767.JPGThese two will miss each other lots, they are best buds!!

We are very thankful for the time we’ve had with family,

IMG_4888.JPGfor all the laughs, games, and MANY trips to Walmart!! 🙂


Well tomorrow’s the day!  We are finally getting a little nervous and thinking *What in the world are we doing,* but are also ready to get started in Ethiopia!

We would really appreciate prayers tomorrow and the next 26hrs as we fly from Wichita, to Chicago, to Frankfort (6hr layover here), then off to Ethiopia!

Pray for peace for the boys as we travel, I already know we are going to be *that* family on our two eight hour flights, but please also pray for peace and LOTS of Patience for Marshal and me!

We may get a chance to update in Frankfort, but if not our next post will be from the other side!  Thank you to all who have helped us get to this point and will continue to be a part of our team in Ethiopia.  We are excited to be doing God’s work there and can’t do it without you all!

Lots of Love to everyone!!!